Top 3 Cloud Computing Certification 2022 | AWS | AZ-303 | AZ-304 

Generally, cloud computing courses are best taught through cloud computing certifications considered in terms of cloud-taught web advertising. Cloud computing is characterized as a kind of computing that depends on sharing computing services instead of having local servers or individual devices to handle applications and the services provided are classified into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Some special features of this technology are:
  • Virtual
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Open (or closed)
  • Secured
  • Affordable

MNCs and other reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems,, Amazon, IBM, and more with cloud architects are searching for and providing jobs to employers having basic knowledge about Cloud Computing Certification.
You might have heard that “The principal goal of education is to prepare resources who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.”

Cloud computing training not only sharpens technical skill but also provide practical knowledge that can be proved beneficial in the future and make trainee different from others in the IT industry job. The certification benefits a lot in placement drive and not only in the on-campus drive but also in off-campus because organizations have seen a remarkable difference between the knowledge of the certified employer and noncertified employer.  This is the reason companies always go for certified employers.

If you want to begin your career with cloud computing then choose the right direction, prefer the right training centre and make a decision about choosing the right technology. Cloud computing certification will make you different from others and will escalate not only your knowledge but also bag you with a high-paid job profile.

The top 3 Cloud Computing Certification courses to opt-in 2022 are:
  • AWS 
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies: AZ-303
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Design: AZ-304

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud computing platform. This service is basically a collection of remote computing services that together form a platform for cloud computing. It aims to provide a large computing capacity which is also faster and cheaper. AWS certification training comes under online IT Certification that will help you master the basics of cloud computing, which in turn will help you get to know AWS IAM, CloudFront, IAM, Lambda, Redshift, S3, ec2, VPC, and CloudTrail. AWS online training will make you an expert in AWS services, cloud basics, EC2 management console, fault tolerance, auto-scaling, and more. This training also prepares you for the Amazon Certified Solutions Architect exam. In this training you will learn:

  • Make architectural decisions based on recommended architectural principles and best practices
  • Make your infrastructure scalable, reliable, and highly available
  • Provides more flexibility and reliability in infrastructure
  • Estimate costs and provide cost control mechanisms
  • Learn about data input and output to and from AWS

Online AWS training gives you hands-on, real-time experience with cloud computing and various cloud components. The Amazon Web Services certification is becoming a mandatory certification for professionals working with AWS.

Microsoft Azure (AZ-303)

Microsoft Azure Architect Technology Training, also known as Azure 303 certification, is based on the role of Microsoft certification, which is a trend in the IT industry. In this course, you will learn how to translate business needs into solutions that are reliable, flexible, scalable, and highly secure. As an IT professional, this advanced AZ-303 training will allow you to master implementing Microsoft Azure solutions. Such modern solutions are today’s need for many talent-starved organizations moving to the cloud.

This is the best course for developers, testers, analysts, and those who want to pass the Azure 303 certification exam. Most importantly, you can advance your career by learning key decision-making skills in virtualization, networking, storage, identity, security, etc. learn automation. Like application infrastructure and data platforms, 15 new era course modules are covered.

Important conclusion
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Protect your identity with Azure Active Directory and users and groups.
  • Implement monitoring solutions to collect, aggregate, and analyze data from multiple sources.
  • Manage subscriptions, accounts, Azure policies, and role-based access control.
  • Manage Azure with Resource Manager, Azure Portal, Cloud Shell, and CLI.
  • Configure cross-site connectivity solutions such as VNet peering and virtual network gateways.
  • Management services for Azure applications, Azure instances, and Kubernetes containers.
Microsoft Azure (AZ-304) 

Microsoft Azure Architectural Design (AZ 304) is one of the most popular certifications, Microsoft offers to professionals acting as solution architects within an organization. Businesses looking to migrate their services to the cloud and hybrid environments use Microsoft Azure to manage their services. In this Microsoft Azure Architect Design training, participants will learn about authentication, authorization, registration, cost analysis, security, management, and migration.

Not knowing what to expect can cause unnecessary panic and stress. In this course, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Introduction to the AZ-304 Exam, you will learn to prepare for the AZ-304 exam. First, you will check the purpose and overall ability of the exam. You will then find important functional groups. Finally, you’ll learn how to make sure you have the specific skills needed. By completing this course, you will have the necessary AZ-304 exam skills and knowledge to take the exam with confidence.

  • During this course, all the objectives of the AZ-304 exam are covered very well.
  • It provides experience in the design and architecture of Azure-based solutions. This course offers:
  • It offers the basic knowledge of solution architecture
  • Experience designing solutions for various scenarios
  • Learn about the features and capabilities of many Azure services
  • Knowledge of how best to deploy, migrate, and integrate Azure solutions