With the advancement of technology, the chances of attacks and threats are also increasing. To protect the computer system and networks from the attack of malicious actors, cybersecurity comes into play. It is a widely used practice nowadays that protects users
against digital attacks which may lead to destroying or accessing sensitive information.
This skill is in wide demand nowadays. To acquire this, one can apply for the CISSP training online by MTSS Edu.

CISSP stands for certified information system security professional. It is a globally recognized certification for professionals working in the information technology security domain. This training program helps in learning the skill to maintain a secure business environment using security standards that are accepted globally. One of the most valuable certificate that help experts to reach the top positions in the corporate world and encounter new opportunities in the international market. Though this training requires enough experience that does not mean one has to be an expert on every topic beforehand.

What is the eligibility?

To appear for the cybersecurity certification online, one should have at least 5 years of full-time work experience in any two domains of the CISSP common book of knowledge. If the professional has 4 years of educational degree or a region that is equivalent to a CISSP credential, it satisfies 1 year of the required experience.

Is the CISSP certification examination difficult?

CISSP is one of the toughest exams when it comes to career building in the cybersecurity domain. It is difficult to pass the exam. It is designed in such a way that only well-suited
people can crack it. The entry barriers to the exam are very high. Having said that, with proper training, it becomes easy to understand the concepts from theoretical as well as
practical points of view and crack the exam are:

● Security Architecture and Engineering
● Asset Security
● Software Development Security
● Security and Risk Management
● Security Operations
● Communication and Network Security
● Security Assessment and Testing
● Identity and Access Management

Guide to ace CISSP certification
To crack the exam one has to be focused and keep in mind the following points:

● Be a pro at a minimum of 50 questions per domain mentioned above
● Use multiple study resources. The practice of the free test resources. Try to reach a
    score of at least 80% in the mock tests.
● Prepare for the endorsement process
● Make a note of the time as one has to attend 250 questions in 6 hours.

Benfits of CISSP certification

● Career differentiation- It helps in enhancing the credibility of an employee in the
    organization and improves marketability
● Peer networking and idea exchange. One can network within the global industry
    and build connections with domain experts.
● Handsome salary
● The technology orientation toward risk management is highly valued
● Highly demanded and growing skill that will lead to career upliftment and
    endless growth opportunities.

These are the following skills that one can learn during the course:

● One can define architecture, management of security, and design.
● One develops knowledge in all the 8 main domains recommended by CISSP Common
    Body of Knowledge(CBK)
● One can optimize security operations
● One learns skills like the methodology of software, access control systems, etc.

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