Cloud computing is a growing field with rapid pace in the IT industry today with the emergence of cloud hosting packages from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Cloud computing is becoming prevalent day by day. IT companies see the future in the cloud. They migrated to the cloud to increase flexibility, improve scalability along with save the enough costs. Migrating to the cloud offers the challenge of getting the right people to manage and design their systems.

Therefore, the corresponding jobs are opening up at a great rate; among them is cloud engineer vs. cloud architect. The tasks of an engineer and architect in cloud technology are more or less similar. This is the major reason they create confusion for the candidates who desire to pursue their careers in these two fields.

So, what is the difference between cloud architects and cloud engineers?

It should be noted that a cloud engineer and cloud architect use the similar technology. However, the focus of their job is different, and so are their skills.

Cloud Architect vs Cloud Engineer

let us know the difference between Cloud Architect and Cloud Engineer and know about their comprehensive roles and responsibilities.

What is a Cloud Engineer?

A cloud engineer is designated to manages the solution and is involved in the maintenance with continual monitoring. They centralize the mandated technical specifications rather than objectives and commercial aspirations. They will set goals for system upgrades. Instead of business desires and goals, the focus is on technical requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities

● Develop a cloud computing strategy aligned with the organization, and business goals and     objectives. It defines how the cloud infrastructure should be designed and deployed to             meet  end-customer requirements.
● They assess a company’s current IT infrastructure, identify opportunities for improvement,     and determine the best approach to leveraging cloud technologies.
● Advanced programming skills like Java, PHP, Python, etc. And they should also have great       experience or understanding of cloud-based platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP, etc.            ● Cloud solution technical architectural design, which includes cloud service selection and         security and network component configuration and application delivery.
● Manage the profitability of cloud solutions through usage management, resource                     optimization, and usage monitoring.
● Work with IT and other business stakeholders to ensure cloud solutions meet                             organizational needs.
● Provide training and mentoring for IT staff and other stakeholders on cloud computing             concepts and best practices.

What is a Cloud Architect?

Cloud architects design cloud-based servers and systems to meet customer needs. Your responsibilities will include planning and designing various projects and assignments to meet the specific needs of each company. They will also be required to redesign and complement existing system architectures to operate efficiently during migration or to meet company growth plans.

Roles and Responsibilities

● Cloud architect is responsible for system planning and cloud system design.
●Develop enterprise cloud computing strategies to make technology work efficiently and address migration and scalability issues.
● It plays a role in identifying an organization’s IT infrastructure, determining the best approach to leverage cloud technologies, and assessing its strengths and weaknesses.
● Describe the strategy for using this technology to meet customer needs by managing data and transferring it to an entirely cloud-based system.
● Persuading and communicating with key stakeholders and others to start from scratch with a creative strategy.
● Install and configure software and maintain good knowledge of GCP, Azure, and AWS, and programming languages such as Java, Python, and PHP.

Cloud Architect Certification

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What You Will Learn with our cloud architect course?

● Learn the skills which are required to be prosperous as a cloud architect.
● Get ready for the Professional Cloud Architect certification.
● Learn more about the infrastructure and platform services provided by various Cloud Platforms.
● Define the goals as well as the profitable values of Cloud products and services.

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