Have you ever thought about what makes Instagram, Skype, Facebook, etc. so powerful that even though they have zillions of users (active/inactive)? And, they serve every single user very efficiently? Cloud Computing is the main technology behind it. Indeed, cloud computing has become an integral part of potential businesses in a very short period. Due to this, the injunction for cloud professionals has exponentially grown in the world of technology. And with that same concern, Amazon Web Services (AWS)-one of the leading cloud platforms offers you a great AWS Online Certification to help you excel in cloud computing and gain some rewarding cloud career opportunities!

Why is AWS Online Course About Cloud Certification Important?

AWS certifications determine that a candidate has the most industry-focused knowledge that is recognized by experts in the cloud computing stream Globally. Cloud Certification is the best method to showcase your skills to potential employers. It is one of the High demand IT jobs globally.

AWS certification path

AWS Cloud Certification allows candidates to dilate their knowledge base along with cloud skills to work efficiently with Amazon Web Services and solutions in enterprise
environments. This means the learners have an in-depth knowledge of cloud architecture, compelling security, and proper management which It supports skilled  professionals to showcase their technological expertise & understanding and competence in the AWS cloud.

The AWS Certified Solutions Cloud Architect – Associate path is defined as follows:
Foundation Level:

AWS Technical Essentials (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner) The exam for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is a 90 minutes digital exam that checks your AWS cloud knowledge. Certification validates your proficiency in 4 concentrated areas:

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Technology
  • Security
  • Billing & Pricing

The AWS Online Certification course covers the basics of Amazon Web Services so you can make informed decisions about the High demand for IT jobs needed to meet your career needs.

Associate Level (in AWS Certification)

Experts can pursue 3 associate-level certifications after the foundation level. There are –

Solution Architect:

To earn this certification, trainees should showcase their ability of planning, monitoring, and orchestrating AWS deployments.


Earning AWS Online Certification requires knowledge of a few programming languages along with a thorough understanding of the key AWS engineering best practices and AWS Management Console. Candidate should have depth knowledge about ideal flow, sequencing and process analysis of AWS cloud programs with respective software development skills.

SysOps Administrator:

SysOps Administration Certification (System Operations) focuses on topics associated with production and maintenance environments. Learners should learn about hosting applications on AWS, moving information between server pools and AWS, choosing the right AWS manager for the right needs, evaluating AWS cost versus usage, and tools to control operational costs.

Professional level (in AWS Certification)

Experts can pursue 3 professional-level certifications after the foundation and expert level.

Solution Architects Certification (Professional)

– It is recommended to take the exam of AWS Certified Solutions Architect at the Associate level with two years of hands-on design and implementation experience at least.

DevOps Certification –

AWS DevOps certification courses are created by professionals to help you master DevOps skills in AWS. This course enables one to implement DevOps methodologies on AWS such as OpsWorks, CodeCommit, CloudFormation, etc.

Specialization Level (in AWS Certification)

Once candidates complete the foundation, associate, and professional level, they can pursue the Specialization level. The four courses that come in these levels are –

Machine Learning:

This AWS certification in ML demonstrates your expertise in planning, implementing, and maintaining machine learning setups on AWS.

Advanced Networking:

This certification shows the ability of a candidate to handle complex network as well as system tasks on AWS.

Data Analytics:

This course certifies an individual’s ability to analyze data and their ability to create and present big data analytics using AWS services.


It showcases your expertise in AWS security. A candidate should possess two years of experience in cloud security measurement implementation.

Best way to qualify for the AWS Cloud Certification

It completely varies from person to person. However, it is recommended to watch video tutorials and explore the live sessions online. This will help you to surpass the difficulty and let you clear all the clutters between the path of you and AWS Solution Architect Certification.

If you are seeking the best available employment opportunities with AWS certification, enroll with our Online AWS Solution Architect Certification course which will help you to crack the interviews to get a dream job towards building a successful career.

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