Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas in the technology industry. AI is already being used in a variety of fields, including healthcare, transportation, and security. Due to this increase, some sectors require the knowledge of experienced AI experts. Students can use artificial intelligence to study machine learning and automation and make smarter decisions. The students get an overview of basic machine learning algorithms and common methods to get High-demand IT jobs.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The scope of artificial intelligence is not limited to personal and commercial purposes, as the medical and aviation industries are also using AI to improve their services. When AI outperforms human efforts, opting for AI automation will lower the cost of running a business in the long run. Automation in operational vehicles has caused quite a stir in the logistics industry as automated trucks/vehicles are expected to be deployed soon.

Are there Any Demand for AI engineers?

A quick LinkedIn search for AI engineering jobs in the US yielded 23,789 results. This number is a clear indication of the growing demand for AI engineers in the industry. Top tech companies like Uber, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft employ skilled AI software engineers and AI research engineers all year round at lucrative AI engineer salaries. If you’re new to the industry or a software engineer looking for a career change, there’s no better time than now to brush up on your AI skills. Top AI Engineer jobs that is lucrative and will offer great salary packages in future are –

Artificial Intelligence Engineer –

– These are professionals with AI Engineer certification who create, test and implement various artificial intelligence models. They are critical thinkers and have effective problem-solving skills. Effective programming skills in Python, R or C++ are required. Due to the increasing demand and popularity of artificial intelligence, the need for AI engineers is increasing proportionally and hence more and more candidates are entering this profession. Overall the salary rate is very good and it is a very good way to advance your career.

AI data analyser –

The primary responsibility of this professional is to collect, prepare, clean and model data using machine learning models and new analytical methods. They also create designs and data reports to help stakeholders make better decisions. There is a very steady demand for AI data analysts, but their future cannot be determined.

Cyber ​​Security Expert-

A successful cyberattack can destroy an organization. Organizations invest heavily in cybersecurity to protect their data and assets. The future potential of AI in cybersecurity is promising. This field is well represented by cognitive AI. It detects and analyses risks and provides analysts with information that helps them make better decisions. AI improves and becomes more stable over time using machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks.

Artificial intelligence in programming –

Many companies are in dire need of machine learning specialists due to the increasing demand and competence in the market. These professionals are qualified engineers who have the basics to improve their AI knowledge. Good programming skills in Python, R, Scala and Java are also expected. Overall, this is an excellent choice to start your career in AI.

Scientific researchers –

The company is currently hiring employees with strong AI experience. It is quite clear that the value of researchers will not diminish in the next ten years. These professionals work extensively in artificial intelligence research and computer intelligence systems. If you have a Ph.D. or graduate masters then this line is for you. You also have to be willing to work long hours and be willing to handle responsibilities very smartly.

Robotics Scientist –

The emergence of AI robots will effectively reduce the workforce. Robots are used to perform these functions effectively. Applicants must have a master’s degree in robotics, computer science, or engineering. Although robots prefer automation, some skilled construction workers should be involved. This minimizes the chances of layoffs. Business Intelligence Developer – If you have a background in Computer Science, Mathematics or AI Engineering, this is the field for you. These professionals develop various market models by analysing large amounts of data. They are highly paid and the market trend is increasing day by day.

Big data engineer –

The job of a big data engineer is to build an environment that allows business processes to communicate effectively. Compared to other AI jobs, a big data engineer will pay well. In addition, if you have a Ph.D. in computer science or mathematics, then you will be prioritized in job advertisements. Obviously, becoming a big data engineer will help one to advance in their career.