Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning with real-world tools and models
Artificial Intelligence

This course is a combined skill where you can learn AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning while enhancing real-world tools and models. In this course, you can learn the core to advance skills about how to use Python libraries like NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-learn, and all required machine learning techniques.  The current and future demand is something that can be considered for the best career option. The New York Times has given some interesting information about AI Engineers, with less than 10,000 qualified people available in the world to do this job professionally. Salary can never be the limit, for anyone who is having the right skills.

The research in AI includes problem-solving, reasoning, planning, natural language understanding, computer vision, automatic programming, machine learning, and so many other things that can be used to understand human nature/mind to be used in algorithms. The combined knowledge for all these topics is closely related to each other and set skills consist of the depth of understanding of working with real-world projects.

AI is basically divided into four types:

* Reactive

* Limited memory

* Theory of mind

* Self-aware

Carrier in Artificial Intelligence Engineer certification

According to the current demand and research held in New York Times, certified AI engineers are not easily available in the market. Getting a job and building a career in AI would be the dream of any IT professional. The average salary of AI Engineers would reach around $172000 per year in the U.S. Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a dream job for any IT professional. This Artificial Intelligence engineer certification will provide you certification once you complete the training. This certificate will add a boost to your profile as an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence course for beginners is opening new doors of opportunity for tons of jobs, and the hype created is justifiable. A fabulous career in AI looks more promising than any other job available currently in the market. Witnessing the immense growth and job opportunities for job seekers, AI stands out outstandingly in the trend. Employers need AI experts to fulfill the organization’s technical requirements. Thus, choosing the path towards AI will not only give you expertise in the most trending field in the market, but also it is one of the highest-paid roles. AI is ruling virtually over every industry and every human being.  The most trending technologies such as big data, robotics, and IoT are incomplete without AI, and AI will continue to rule as a technological innovator for the future too.

Once you complete the AI certificate training, you will be able to do things including:

* Understand the meaning, purpose, various scope, stages, effects, and applications of Artificial Intelligence.

* You will be able to design your own AI algorithms, applying them to create practical AI projects that can include games, machine learning models as well as logic constraint satisfaction problems. Knowledge-based systems and agent decision-making functions are also part of your skills.

* Master the core and advanced concepts of Python programming, like data types, tuples, lists, dictionaries, operators, and functions.

* You will learn how to write your own python code and perform basic hands-on data analysis.

* Gain in-depth knowledge of Data Science processes: Data Wrangling, Data Visualization, Hypothesis building, and testing

As demand is increasing every day for AI Professionals, training would help you out for getting expertise including:

* Developers who are looking forward to a career in AI.

* Analytics Managers who are leading the team.

* Information Architects who want to get expertise in AI algorithms.

* Professionals in analytics who wish to work in AI.

* Graduates who are working out to get the dream job and establish a career in machine learning.

* Professions who would like to get more depth knowledge in their fields and combine the skills with AI.

Become a professional with MTSS Education

This is a well-known institution for building a career with a team of expert people to share the skills which are required to help you to achieve your dream job. Artificial Intelligence certified professionals would be considered for job titles including:

* Artificial Intelligence Engineer

* Data Scientist

* Analytics Manager

* Machine Learning Engineer

* Statistical Programming Specialist

To join AI Certification training, you should have:

*Knowledge about the fundamentals of Python programming.

*Basic understanding of statistics.