Admission Process

Admission Requirements

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MTSS Education’s Admissions Department is your primary first point of contact when you want to. Our experts will help you introduce and explain our training programs, answer all your queries, and will get connected with you for further requirements. 
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MTSS Education is committed to empower your journey in becoming a successful IT or management professional. The admission process is the first step one must begin with. 

Rolling Admissions 

MTSS Education has a rolling admission policy. Once a start date is determined for a program, students are welcome to apply and/or enroll in the program. Applications are not accepted for programs without an official start date. Once a student is accepted and/or fulfills all admission requirements for a particular program, he or she may enroll in that program.  


MTSS Education admits students based solely on their qualifications and ability to benefit from a career training program. MTSS Education does not discriminate against any individuals based on race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other non-merit-based factors. 

Age Requirement 
  • All students must be at least seventeen (17) years of age before the first day of class. 
Educational Requirement 
  • The minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma, General Education Development Certificate (GED), or the equivalent. 
General Admission 

Enrollment in a program/course at MTSS Education can be done in-person or online. The enrollment process includes the submission of admission documents, and completion of enrollment paperwork. 


The MTSS Education does not offer college credit courses and it does not refer to academic credit. The MTSS Education is not approved to offer college credits. 


 Students who were previously enrolled in a program at MTSS Education, and want to re-enroll, must submit a re-enrollment request in writing to the Admissions Dept. This includes the following students: 

  • Students who withdrew from a program prior to completion and want to re-enroll in the same program. 
  • Students who withdrew from a program prior to completion and want to enroll in a new program. 
  • Students who were terminated from a program due to academic, behavioral, financial, and/or attendance issues, and want to re-enroll in the same program. 
  • Students who were terminated from a program due to academic, behavioral, financial, and/or attendance issues, and want to enroll in a new program. 

The request for re-enrollment must state the reasons the student was unable to complete his/her program previously. It must also state the reasons the student has decided to re-enroll at MTSS Education. Upon submission, the Admissions Dept. will review the request and consult with all relevant departments at MTSS Education. 

The student will be notified once a decision has been made. In certain cases, MTSS Education may request additional information and/or evidence that supports the student’s request to re-enroll. The student will be notified once a final decision has been made. 

Students who are approved for re-enrollment must meet the minimum requirements for the program they wish to join. Therefore, students who are approved for re-enrollment are not guaranteed acceptance into their program of choice. 

Students who are re-enrolling at MTSS Education must follow the standard admissions policies and procedures. 

Meeting Admission Requirements 

Students must meet all admission requirements prior to enrolling in their program of choice. In special cases, provisional enrollment may be granted to students who are unable to turn in all necessary documents on the day of enrollment. School officials may use professional judgment to determine eligibility for provisional enrollment.  

Submission of Admission Documents 

Students are required to turn in all appropriate documents on or before the day of enrollment. Admission documents include but are not limited to the following: 

Application for Enrollment 

Students must submit a completed application for enrollment. The purpose of the application for enrollment is to collect personal information including but not limited to the student’s name, date of birth, social security number, gender, program of study, program start date, address, phone number, citizenship, marital status, ethnicity, educational background, etc. 

2 Forms of Identification 

Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, passport, social security card, employee ID, student ID, birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, certificate of naturalization, a U.S. government issued ID, etc. 

Proof of High School Education 

All students must show proof of high school completion or equivalent. Proof of high school graduation must be submitted by the first day of class. Students who do not submit the required documentation will automatically be placed on probationary status and must follow the guidelines for pending admission documents. 

Valid proof of minimum educational requirements includes but is not limited to the following: high school transcript, high school diploma, college degree, GED certificate, homeschool certification letter, or academic credential evaluation. 

Public high school diplomas from U.S. territories will be considered equivalent to high school diplomas earned in the United States. If the diploma is in a language other than English, a translation will be required. 

Online diplomas are only recognized if the school is accredited by an organization recognized by the US Department of Education. If the validity of the high school and/or documentation provided cannot be verified, the student will need to obtain a GED. 

Foreign credentials may require evaluation from a recognized evaluation company. 

Administrative Fee 

An administrative fee of $75 must be paid prior to enrollment. The administrative fee is nonrefundable. 

Enrollment Documents 

All necessary enrollment documents must be completed on the day of enrollment or prior to the first day of class. If a student is found to be lying on any of the documents, then he/she may be subject to suspension or termination from the school. 

Pending Admission Documents 

Students who have not submitted all their admission documents by the first day of class will be placed on probationary status until they have submitted all required documentation. 

The following guidelines apply to all weekend programs: 

  1. All admission documents must be submitted by the fifth scheduled day of class. 
  2. Students who do not submit their missing documents by the aforementioned due date will be given a 1-week extension and a warning letter.
  3. Students who do not submit their missing documents within 1 week of the date on the warning letter will be immediately suspended from class. 
  4. Students who do not submit their missing documents within 5 business days of their suspension will be immediately terminated from the school.