MTSS History

Mission & Objectives

Welcome to The MTSS Group

MTSS Group (formerly known as MedTech Staffing & Solutions) was founded in 2003 in Salem, NH, as an IT consulting firm. The company then moved its business operations to NJ in 2008 to enter the tristate market. Since 2003, MTSS Group has been a valued services & solutions provider, successfully supporting customers in various industries across the United States including Information Technology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Engineering, and Finance. We have a successful track record of delivering creative services and solutions that have helped our clients succeed and grow. We have been providing fulltime/permanent, as well as contingent, staffing services and solutions to our clients nationwide.  

MTSS Group is highly focused on cultivating a diverse work environment, developing good outreach programs, and building exceptional candidate pipelines. MTSS Group was founded by an experienced group of IT and healthcare professionals who also own one of the leading healthcare technical institutions in NJ, AIMS Education. After thoroughly researching the Information Technology and Data Science sector, MTSS Group decided it was time to build an educational institution to provide quality IT education with proper practical training. In 2020, MTSS Education was registered as the education division of MTSS Group. MTSS Education has opened a state-of-the-art campus located in Piscataway, NJ. Although most of the programs will be offered online, a variety of services and resources including enrollment, academic advising, and career services, will be available on campus. MTSS Education has formed affiliations with numerous IT companies throughout the United States.

Mission Statement

The mission of MTSS Education is to prepare adult learners for successful careers in the field of information technology. We seek to offer educational programs that provide real-world technical skills that match employer needs.  


Our objective is to encourage students to think scientifically and help them develop a scientific mindset. This will help them achieve more professional growth and a uniqueness that will be their key to getting hired.   

  1. To employ a highly qualified and immensely experienced faculty.   
  2. To ensure students have access to a high-quality learning environment with up-to-date tools and technologies. 
  3. To provide our students with practical experience and emphasize learning methods that can be applied in the real world. 
  4. To offer comprehensive, technology training programs which are designed to meet job market demands.  
  5. To adapt to new challenges in the information technology field.